VVC Building
the Pipeline

Visionario VC is committed to helping create a thriving eco-system of investors, founders, and incubators where good ideas get funded regardless of gender or race. We continue to advise and mentor diverse entrepreneurs as well as promote the tremendous opportunity of investing in underrepresented founders. We support several accelerators focused on minority founders which include:

  • Bank of America’s Breakthrough Labs, an accelerator focused on minority founders across several sectors including healthcare, fintech, and edtech
  • Harvard Innovation Labs, a cohort of founders via the broader Harvard alumni base and students of the 13 Harvard schools including the Business, Medical, and Undergraduate institutions of Harvard.
  • 1000 Black Voices a global accelerator involved in a UK trade mission to the US, the companies span many sectors and cover the geographies of Ghana, the UK, and Nigeria
  • Project W, a global accelerator for Black and Latina female founders


  • “Gardy has been an amazing asset to Tech1M. As a Global Hiring and Talent acquisition platform, having advisors who understand our vision and want us to succeed is invaluable. He comprehends where we want to go next and is willing to connect us to the right people to achieve it.”

    Tommie Edwards

    Founder & CEO


  • “We are excited to work with Visionario VC and Keith. His unique expertise and scientific perspective in the financial industry lends a healthy approach to business development. We are looking forward to accessing and activating their network to obtain new meaningful opportunities.”

    Kiley Summers

    Founder & CEO


  • “Keith and Gardy have provided strategic insight to myself and the team to help us improve our alignment with our partners and community. They share our vision and are part of our continued journey.“

    Castleigh Johnson

    Founder & CEO


  • “Gardy is an incredible advisor for the Fanmire team. He has been a voice of truth and wisdom, teaching us best practices for how to scale a business, with a focus on winning and growing.”

    Jamel Anderson

    Founder & CEO


  • “Keith takes time to listen, dissect what he hears and offers clear and unbiased guidance. He understands our vision and gives advice on our journey. It is a real pleasure to have Visionario in our corner as they truly want us to win.”

    Paul Henriques

    Founder & CEO


  • “Cultivating an AI-driven recruitment platform like Pearl requires a unique blend of technical expertise and business acumen. We are grateful for Keith’s attentive ear to the technological intricacies of our platform and his keen insight on how we can bring it to market. He has been an invaluable asset to us on our entrepreneurial journey.”

    Miles Weddle

    Co-Founder & CEO


  • “The Visionario VC partnership is helping 1000 Black Voices to bring inclusive perspectives to the heart of technological development and advancement. They bring their passion and expert advice to support founders on the 1000 Black Voices Tech Accelerator. They do this from a place of understanding the potential of innovations changing the way we live.”

    Dr. Elizabeth Shaw

    Founder & CEO