Lewis Wirshba

Advisory Board

A senior executive with over 35 years successfully integrating global revenue, operational and control functions, Lewis Wirshba is the former Corporate Secretary of Credit Suisse USA, Deputy CFO of Credit Suisse First Boston and the former COO of Credit Suisse Americas. He now serves as Board Member and Chair of the Audit Committee of AgileThought, a publicly traded full-service custom software consulting firm.

Derived from progressive leadership roles first at First Boston and then Credit Suisse as the Bank evolved from a regionally decentralized firm to a global organization, Lewis demonstrates a unique multi-dimensional perspective on problem solving. Wide and deep, his expertise reflects tenures in many technical arenas including corporate governance, risk management, capital and funding, compliance, finance/accounting, business continuity, public policy/regulatory relations and operations. Through these organizational transformations and assignments, Lewis has mastered a highly effective personal management style focused on employee dynamics and team engagement. These successes culminated first in a Deputy CFO role where he directly managed 400+ global staff and then as Chief Operating Officer for Credit Suisse Americas with revenues of $9.5 billion and 10,900 employees. As COO, Americas, Lewis created and implemented profitable country business models for the Bank’s activities from Toronto through New York to Santiago. In the US, Lewis coordinated the activities of both revenue and control functions as the Bank responded to the tsunamis of macroeconomic, competitive and regulatory changes catalyzed by the Great Recession. Lewis obtained his MBA in Finance from the Wharton Business School and his BA in History/Economics from Cornell University.