Michelle Levy

Managing Partner

Michelle is an Afro-Latina serial entrepreneur and angel investor focused on the personally meaningful mission of driving positive change within the Latinx and Black African/Caribbean diaspora. She spearheaded the effort to establish the international Teléfono De La Esperanza center in London, a Spanish speaking mental health crisis center for Latinx immigrants. She is Founder & CEO of Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders (ITL) which improves academic and life outcomes of disadvantaged African/Caribbean teen girls from Years 9-13.

“During her last role at BMS her team managed the launch of Plavix into a new indication”

Michelle has been active in the charity and private sector space. After working as a management consultant for a subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson, she then transitioned into the pharmaceutical industry at Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS). During her last role at BMS her team managed the launch of Plavix into a new indication, the then blockbuster brand for the company. In 2006 she and several like-minded angel investors launched Visionario Group LLP. More recently in 2018, Michelle became an LP investor to Impact X, a UK venture capital fund focused on underrepresented entrepreneurial and creative innovators. Michelle graduated from the University of Michigan with a dual Masters in Business Administration and a Masters in Health Services Administration with a focus on corporate strategy and marketing

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